S.P.I.N Project Partners

Below you find the list of the SPIN project partners

Coordinator: EURO (Italy) – Research Centre, Promotion And EU Initiative

EURO (Italy) – Research Centre, Promotion And EU Initiative – was founded in 1996 with the aim of promoting and implementing local development projects in the Region of Sicily.

The organization works towards establishing and maintaining cooperative relationships with Public and Private Institutions both in Italy and abroad.

Over the past decade Euro has gained relevant experience with the opportunities offered by structural funds, obtaining the resources to finance major projects whose main objectives were: vocational guidance & training, research, publishing and territorial promotion.

EURO is a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue Between Cultures “Anna Lindh”.

EURO has an excellent experience regarding the opportunities offered by the funds of the European Community which have given economical support to achieve important projects for the local development, in collaboration with Sicily’s local corporates and public bodies.

EURO is in possession of CERTIFICATION OF QUALITY UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (certificate no. 3248/00/S) for the planning of vocational training and guidance services, for the organization of cultural events and communication services, issued by R.I.N.A., with effect from May 25, 2000.


  • facilitating the access to the job market through the organization of vocational training courses
  • operating for the social and environmental recover of Sicily
  • promote intercultural dialogue
  • support social inclusion and equal opportunities
  • facilitate lifelong education and vocational training
  • foster responsible and supportive global development
  • develop and support networking at local and international levels
  • encourage international cooperation
Full Partner: PAOK AC Athletic Club (Greece)

PAOK AC Athletic Club is one the largest sport amateur athletic Clubs in Greece, and has been actively involved in several activities against DOPPING (KAT.ANA. EUROPEAN project 2005, Against Doping in Sports, together with E.KAT.O. NGO).

Academies Coaches have participated in RED Card to Violence, national project as well as volunteers in several other events. They offer free soccer lessons to orphans institutions and they get education on psychology in order to support the young players.

PAOK AC hosts 13 active sport clubs, with soccer to be one of the best in Greece, while track and field team has at least three athletes in the highest step in the National Games. The swimming club as well as the polo club are active and protagonists in the National league. Basket and Volley ball participate actively and they also have a great number of young players. Boxing and Cycling are developing very fast while PAOK Soccer Academies, are the most known in Greece.

The development department has been successful while one of the most known players has also been elected in European Parliament Elections recently, Theodoros Zagorakis. Every year PAOK Team, makes 2 big events, and supports with clothing and food disadvantaged families and their kids. PAOK Academies have clubs in 6 countries around the World. One of the best clubs is in Germany.

Full Partner: Community Teachsport (United Kingdom)

Community Teachsport is a not for profit, community interest company founded in October 2010. It was developed to create a community based provision linked to Teachsport, a high quality provider of national curriculum physical education teaching and sports coaching services to primary and secondary schools in London and South East England, for the last 15 years.

We are a accredited training organization for ASDAN, AQA and Sport Leaders UK, we work closely with several UK sports Governing bodies and Sport England, in 2013 we launched UK based business partnerships with The Kent Cricket Board (GB of cricket in Kent) and The Disability Sports Coach (Charity) who are the largest deliverer of disability coaching in London.

Full Partner: FOPSIM (Malta)

FOPSIM is a Maltese foundation that aims to achieve concrete progress for marginalized groups or sections within Maltese society. In this context FOPSIM’s main mission is to promote and sustain employment, social solidarity, youth and active female participation in all aspects to achieve tangible advancement in the transition towards a more equitable society. The Foundation makes use of a diffuse network of resources in the professional, academic, research and journalism fields.
FOPSIM aims to:

  • improve the knowledge and understanding of the situation in the Member States
  • support the development of statistical tools, methods and indicators
  • support and monitor the implementation of EU law and policy objectives
  • promote networking, mutual learning, identification and dissemination of good practice

Enhance the awareness of stakeholders and the general public about the EU.

Full Partner: Centre for Education (Spain)

Centre for Education was established in 2012 and is a Not for Profit Association based in the Marina Cala D’or, Mallorca, Spain. The centre offers a range of training courses to youth and adults for both student and teacher in a wide range of subjects including sporting activities. The centre is attended by students who range from a variety of social backgrounds, who are from many different EU Countries and whose ages range from 16 years upwards.

The Centre works closely with both NGO’s and SME’s in the maritime, sports coaching and tourism sectors in Spain, Germany and the UK and regularly runs mobility exchange programs between these three country organizations. The school is authorized to examine and award certification to its students after successful completion of a course.

The personnel are also experienced in EU funded Leonardo projects and have worked as both coordinator and full partner in previous and current projects.

Full Partner: Curba de Cultura (Romania)

Curba de Cultura is an initiative concerning free cultural space in rural Romania. It is the manifestation of positive thoughts regarding rural communities and an opportunity to develop and enhance cultural and community identity. CdC is an initiative aiming at revitalizing Romanian rural space, at rediscovering its roots starting from young people. CdC is an association developing projects aimed at the young people in Izvoarele village, Prahova County, Romania.

Curba de Cultura’s mission is to use non-formal education as a complementary system to the National Education System in order to bring its contribution to young people’s development as part of their own communities, aware of their culture and their roles as active, involved European citizens. Our values are education, participation, equality, team work, continuous development, tolerance and self-awareness.

FULL PARTNER: U.I.S.P. Sicilia (Italy)

UISP is a sports promotion agency recognized by CONI, it is also a social promotion association recognized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, which offers sport for all as a right of citizenship and resource integration.

UISP promotes its values through the best practices and participation in associations, to new ways of life and for the dissemination of the culture of rights, the environment and solidarity against all forms of discrimination and exclusion, including through international cooperation projects.

The sport is considered not only an individual affirmation but above all the affirmation of a new style of life that knows how to put in the centre of attention integration, choral participation, self-respect and respect towards the others are the cornerstones of the UISP’s intervention methodology, based on such four basic points as “social solidarity, physical and mental wellbeing, social integration and individual identity”.

For nearly 20 years, the Uisp Sicily, together with its territorial affiliations, is in the forefront of the social tissue of the entire region, creating series of initiatives and actions having as main beneficiaries young people in disadvantaged conditions and fewer opportunities.

These young people have attended and taken alternative routes thanks to the support of Uisp. This association promotes the educational function of sport both in individual growth and that of the entire community.

FULL PARTNER: F.I.S.O. Sicilia (Italy)

F.I.S.O. Sicily operates within the Sicily Region to promote the practice of orienteering. FISO is represented in the various provinces by provincial delegates and amateur sports clubs affiliated to FISO and registered at the National Olympic Committee.

For 16 years the FISO Sicily has been organizing championships in partnership with schools under the project “Orienteering – The Green Gym” involving a great number of young people coming from the most different social situations, creating moments of social integration, promotion of healthy stile of life, developing new skills and fighting any type of discrimination. 27 contests on the calendar may be found and consulted at the following link: http://www.fisosicilia.it

The FISO competitive activities are being increased by organizing federal competitions between societies and participating in national championships.

FULL PARTNER: Società Canottieri Trinacria (Italy)

Società Canottieri Trinacria is affiliated to the Rowing Federation since 1969 and Canoe Federation and it has always done a great activity at Regional, National and international levels. The sport is the soul of Società Canottieri Trinacria for its culture and tradition. The Society’s core activities are canoeing, rowing, sailing. A group of coaches, trainers ISEF, patented by their respective federations, carefully follow all youth activities on the three training sites:

  • headquarters of Addaura in summer
  • headquarters of Arenella, at the Vincenzo Florio Sailing Club
  • headquarters at the Port together with CUS Palermo.
  • an intensive collaboration with the Mondello Athletics Society in the field of athletic preparation to the sport of canoe, and with CUS Palermo for the preparation to swimming. School activity with schools of Piana degli Albanesi and Arenella Comprehensive School was held to develop themes and programs for the implementation of projects on canoeing. Società Canottieri Trinacria is: 16th society in general classification; 9th society in youth classifications; 4th society in the female classification.



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